Lou, the owner of DFF, has launched the first of his line of heavy-duty industrial shop tools for metal fabricators. These are tools built for fabricators, by a fabricator. 

We offer Made-in-America quality for very affordable prices. First up: A combo abrasive tubing notcher/belt sander/flat platen, offering mandrels ranging from 5/8” to 3".  A must for the off-road vehicles, tube aircraft fuselages, and all manner of general tubing/pipe fabrication jobs.​                                                                                                                                                                        Learn More

While we have deep roots in the industrialization and committed work ethic of America past, we explore technologies and solutions outside the box. We've solved many difficult design issues for clients with elegantly simple methods--giving them great value. We provide innovative problem solving with a deep understanding of how moving metal works. The customer’s success is our success. We don’t want to just take orders and crank out parts. At Dixie Fried Fabrication, we are absolutely dedicated to creating high-quality products. We seek to earn your business and exceed your expectations. A thorough understanding of the customer’s needs and wants helps us to deliver the very best results. From experienced consultation, to one-time prototypes, to custom production runs, Dixie Fried Fabrication provides experience, quality, and great value for your projects. We use lean manufacturing through intelligent design, to provide economic solutions.

Block Head Welder's Blocks

Dixie Fried Fabrication is the result of 25 years of expert metal fabrication and machining experience. We provide high-quality metal fabrication/machining for nearly any industry. From one-time prototypes to production runs, Dixie Fried Fabrication provides experience, quality, and great value for your projects.
Our 5,000 sq. ft. facility is located in San Bernardino County, with easy access to the Inland Empire as well as Los Angeles county. 
We are a veteran-owned small business.
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Dixie Fried Fabrication offers a wide variety of metal sheet and tube forming, cutting, punching, welding, and machining.

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"As a repeat Dixie Fried Fabrication customer, I can say they provide great value for their service. I work with welders all over the country, and Lou is at the top of the group. His work consistently exceeds my expectations, particularly in regards to workmanship, flexibility, and scheduling. When I have a last minute project, I can always rely on him to get the job done.”
Cliff Horne
Chief Mechanic
Van Wagner Airship Group

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The second item in our line of heavy-duty metal shop tools are our Block Head Welder's Blocks. Improve the quality of your welding while speeding up the process.  We use these blocks to make the tools we sell--we make and sell only what we'd use in our own shop.                                                                                                                                                   Learn More