Dixie Fried Fabrication is the result of 25 years of sheet metal fabrication experience earned by owning and running a variety of specialty fabrication shops. We’ve combined all that experience under one name to provide a full spectrum of fabrication services. We are a small business, a two-person shop with the ability to expand our workforce to meet the needs of your project. Our "boutique" environment offers our clientele a highly specialized metal fabrication skill set to achieve a range of products: hidden custom supports for your wood products, decorative and functional elements to enhance other pieces, or all-metal pieces for your industrial and business needs. Click here to hire us for your project!

What We Offer

  • "I worked with Lou on a high-budget, tight deadline project over the span of several months. There was a huge amount of pressure to fulfill several important customers’ requirements, and the product absolutely had to be delivered on schedule. Lou’s shop came through for us with flying colors.”
    Isabel San Vargas , EIC, Pilgrim Studios
  • “I’ve been a loyal, repeat customer of Lou’s work since 1991. From the beginning, his products have been beautiful and of the highest quality. I never have to worry about repurchasing any items because of failure. The products consistently look fantastic, perform exceptionally well, and withstand any punishment dished out. They are status symbols that deserve the status.”
    C. Steen
  • Dixie Fried Fabrication is wonderful to work with. Their attention to the customer's needs and their willingness to make sure you get what you want was phenomenal. The extent of Lou’s knowledge of metal fabrication is truly amazing. I’d recommend them to anyone.
    Rick Hardin, Prototype Manager and Estimator – idX Corp.
  • "As a repeat Dixie Fried Fabrication customer, I can say they provide great value for their service. I work with welders all over the country, and Lou is at the top of the group. His work consistently exceeds my expectations, particularly in regards to workmanship, flexibility, and scheduling. When I have a last minute project, I can always rely on him to get the job done.”
    Cliff Horne, Chief Mechanic, Van Wagner Airship Group

The Dixie Fried Crew